Next Support Group Meeting is December 12, 2019

YBBII Support Group Meetings
2nd Thursday Every Month 7pm-9pm
Palms West Hospital
Classroom #2


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Our Mission
We are a Breast Cancer Support Group located in the Western Communities of Palm Beach County. Founded by Tee Franzoso in March of 2000; our mission is to provide emotional support to any and all who need us. We strive to bring awareness to the community by participating in fundraising events to help find a cure for breast cancer. As a non-profit organization we will raise money to help our members in need, as well as other organizations conducting research for breast cancer. Our monthly support group meetings are held at Palms West Hospital, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, always on the 2nd Thursday of the month. We invite a variety of guest speakers to our monthly meetings who present education, laughter, yoga, therapy, and much more. Remember: We are not professionals and have no medical training. We are here to share our stories, our experiences and our knowledge.

YBB2 Logo
Founder & President: Teresa Franzoso
"A toast to my buddies: It is an honor and pleasure to be among the bravest and most fantastic group of women I have ever known. And, even though I am not a survivor, I want you to know that I feel blessed to be included in this "family". God bless all of you, and let's work really hard and together we can help find a cure for breast cancer. 
Love, T"

YBB2 Logo
YBBII Board Members
Andrea Mattes (Secretary), Abbe Felton (Public Relations),
Lorna Johnson (Vice President), Marie Phillips (Treasurer), Tee Franzoso (President)
Board of Directors